Centro de Negocios iWORKs En iWORKS Business Center promovemos la comodidad de nuestros clientes de cara fomentar sus mentes creativas . Make Your Workspace Your Own Muse iWORKs Where Creative Minds Work Red de Colaboradores ....................... Explore Innovative Courses on Campus Una red de servicios orientados a las necesidades de cada cliente .............. En nuestro centro coworking, hacemos hincapié en las condiciones cómodas para las mentes creativas que forman grupos de personas con talento. The Collaboration of a Talented Community
01 Welcome to work hub

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Sustainable Coworking in Your Town

By saying that our coworking space is sustainable and comfy we confirm that you will get 100% satisfaction from working here and making the best out of this experience.

02 Why Choose Us
02 Why Choose Us

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Our Amenities

A 2007 survey showed that many employees worry about feeling isolated and losing human interaction if they were to telecommute.

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Conference Room

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A Hospitality Inspired Co-Working Space.

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03 Services We Offer

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What We Offer

Modest yet highly practical and comfortable working zones, chill zones, coffee shops and diners at you full disposal during your stay with us, as well and fast Internet and office supplies. Invite your teammates!

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Upcoming Events

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Benefits to Setting Up Your Startup in Our Coworking Space

We are proud of what we have come up to at our center! Only here you get to enjoy with talented people who work in different areas, designers, photographers, engineers etc. Learn more about joining us today

  1. Actual office space that promoting productivity
  2. Meaningful connections with your team
  3. Increased productivity to get some work done
  4. Comfy accommodations and comfortable couches

Nunca me habia dado cuenta de lo rapido que se puede incrementar la productividad y crear sinergias y contactos a traves del  coworking

Mike Peterson, freelancer

Es un espacio comodo con ambiente agradable y con todo el equipamiento necesario. Gracias por la oportunidad de trabajar con vosotros!

Sandy Cooper, freelancer

Trabajar en Iwork ha hecho mi vida mucho mas facil y emocionante! Me encanta como puedo unirme a diferentes grupos y al mismo tiempo poder centrarme en mi trabajo.

Henry Jacobs, freelancer
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